Charge & Free Service

Free Breakfast(Self Service)

  • We provide bread, eggs, jam, coffee and tea for breakfast free of charge between 7:30a.m. and 9:30a.m.

Cooking facilities

  • Kitchen utensils and seasoning in the facility are provided.
    You should do the dishes by yourself.
  • Mini bar and Snacks can be purchased.

Offering Drinking Water

  • There is a water fountain in the lounge for our guests.

Free Internet

  • You can use computers with Free Internet access in the lounge 24hours a day. And we also have Free WiFi zones on 5th & 7th floor.

Printer & Fax

  • You can use it at the reception as for free. You can use it the reception after paid.

Laundry Facilites

  • Washing machine Fee
    • - Small washing machin for 1,000 KRW per load
    • - Large washing machin for 2,000 KRW per load
    • - Washing powder for free
  • Drying machine (3,000KRW per load)

Parking Information

  • Parking fee: 5,000KRW for 1 night
  • ※ It is free if you would park a car in front of this building from 10P.M to 9A.M. of Next morning
  • ※ The parking space as for SUV, Midsize sized sedan will be limited to 2 cars.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us or leave a memo on Q&A if you have further inquiries.

Baggage Room

  • For your convenience, we can keep your luggage at the reception except valuable items.
  • We do not guarantee for the missing.
  • 2,000KRW will be charged as for luggage storage fee for 1day while you are not staying in our hostel.


  • When check in, it's provided.
    If you return it and you can get a fresh one.

Hotel-style bedding provided

  • We offer bedclothes with high quality for pillow, blanket and Mattress.

Providing Travel Information

  • For your easy and comfortable travel, we offer a variety of travel information and we help you in every way. Also, we provide a Free map for your destination.

Free Offer & Rental

  • Free Offer : Soap, Shampoo, Body cleanser, Toothpaste, Tissue
  • Rental : Hair drier, umbrella, plug changer